Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Design and pattern writing

I've been having a lot of fun designing my own patterns.
I need patterns that I can knit up quickly for my market stall.
In slowly learning about how I like to work and developing my own style to pattern writing.
I've made a few blunders but I'm learning from them.
I'm setting myself a few guidelines to follow.
1.Always knit it 3 times.
2 The first knit I do as I write out the instructions.
3 next write the pattern out as completely as possible.
4. Follow the pattern and knit a second version.
5. Make any edits and pop the pattern away for a week or two.
6 knit a third and make the final edits!

I'm not keen on asking for test knitters to work for free, with their own yarn, on a project they may not love. I admire those who do test knit for others it's a very generous thing to do.

I recently had a cowl hat pattern that I put up without doing a third knit. And it turned out I'd left in an error! I'm very sorry for anyone who was frustrated by this. Even though the pattern was free, your time and yarn isn't! And I apologise if you were frustrated.
I have since pulled down the pattern and knitted my third version. I'll now leave it a week or two before going back and doing the final edit and reposting the pattern. 
I'll post here when I've loaded the new version to Ravelry.

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