Sunday, October 30, 2011

From fleece, to yarn, to skirt

 There is great satisfaction in taking a fleece.
Washing it, combing it, spinning it, 
washing the yarn and knitting it.

 To produce something wearable.

 I spun the fleece by grabbing handfuls at random and spinning from the lock.
This lead to the lovely variation in the colour.
The yarn was plied on it self.
The fleece was incredibly soft a Finn X cross from Lucinvale.

 Now at 59kg, I am working on maintaining my weight.
I bought size 9 jeans from Jeanswest yesterday.
I finally found jeans tight enough in the legs with enough room for the mummy tummy.


  1. You look stunning! Not much of a mummy tummy, no room actually at 56 kgs. Well done, you are so clever - and determined. You have every reason to be proud of your achievements! And if you are selling your creations I hope you are charging artisan rates. After all, if we don't value our craft we can't expect others too. Hugs, Jas

  2. PS - bit (!) envious of the size 9 jeans... I had to opshop some maternity gear the other week. So huge. No wonder people ask when the baby is born...Check my blog for the details...(
    And thank you for enabling comments you deserve all the bouquets we can offer! Hugs, Jas