Free Patterns

A Very Simple Twisted Cowl.
Hand spun yarn, bulky ones suit this pattern.
Gauge is not important
Cast on 15 cms of stitches on your choice of needle size.
knit for as long as you want
Cast off
Twist knitting and seam the ends together.
Or sew buttons onto one end and fasten them in the stitches
Or sew the ends together and embellish with buttons that aren't functional just decorative.

This is a lovely simple way to show off your hand spun yarns.

Easy Fingerless Mitts

These are simple enough for a beginner to knit.
They show off handspun yarn beautifully.
The garter stitch is stretchy enough to make for a great fit.

Knit a rectangle.

Fold the rectangle lengthways. Using one end, sew up about an inch.

Use the other yarn end to sew up the other end of the mitt. Leaving a hole for the thumb

In this pair. I used 6mm needles and a bulky weight handspun.
 I casted on 30 sts and garter stitched 18 rows.

The number of stitches you cast on makes the length of the mitt and the number of rows the width of the mitt.

For the mitt to fit snug the rectangle needs to be stretched a little to fit around your arm.

The fabric needs to be firm, I recommend a smaller size knitting needle than the yarn would normally require